[Phoenix-pm] phoenix.pm.org wants to aggregate your reddit, del.icio.us, twitter, LJ, myspace

Bill Lindley wlindley at wlindley.com
Mon Aug 6 16:43:20 PDT 2007

 > I read on a blog somewhere that 80% of people have blogs.

This sounds suspiciously like Gracie Allen, on the old Burns & Allen 
radio show.

George: "What did you do today, Gracie?"
Gracie: "I conducted a telephone poll."
George: "And what did you discover?"
Gracie: "Everyone I called, had one!"

But all seriousness aside, my site wlindley.com has an RSS feed but I'm 
not sure how germane it would be for what we're doing here.

See you all at BSD tomorrow,


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