[Phoenix-pm] phoenix.pm.org wants to aggregate your reddit, del.icio.us, twitter, LJ, myspace

Michael Friedman friedman at highwire.stanford.edu
Thu Aug 2 08:08:57 PDT 2007

Perhaps the lack of response is because most of us don't have blogs?

I know that I don't. The interesting stuff I work on is either not  
technically interesting (yet another class tied to a db table) or is  
company proprietary. Not to mention that I don't have time to keep up  
a simple home page, let alone write a blog with any regularity.

OTOH, I'm glad to see a blog aggregation service for interesting perl  
stuff. It's nice to have everything in one place and it's a good way  
to find blogs to read that I don't already know about. I just don't  
feel I have anything to contribute.

-- Mike

On Aug 1, 2007, at 10:39 PM, Scott Walters wrote:

> I want your Reddit, del.icio.us, Twitter, LiveJournal, MySpace, or  
> use.perl.org RSS,
> RDF, or Atom feed, or the feed of whatever blog you use.
> I know not many people will read through *all* of the aggregated  
> news but
> browsing through it would be a great way to discover other  
> interesting Perl
> people and get to know other Perl programmers in the valley and  
> just give
> us an excuse to interact with each other in general.
> If you're not sure how to find your RSS feed on your blog of  
> choice, tell
> me where the HTML view of it is or tell me the site and your  
> username and
> I'll try to find it for you.
> -scott
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