[Phoenix-pm] Website stuff done/Post your Perl related RSS feeds!

Scott Walters scott at illogics.org
Wed Aug 1 03:49:31 PDT 2007

Hey everyone,

* "Planet" is now running at http://phoenix.pm.org/planet/ --
  Planet is blog aggregation software.  I want your feeds for it.
  See below.  But SEND ME YOUR FEED!
* The TinyWiki at http://phoenix.pm.org uses ReCaptcha now -- no 
  more silly password.  Please give the Wiki love.

* The TinyWiki RSS feeds themselves have been fixed up a bit.
  That's at http://phoenix.pm.org/rss.cgi.  It should have a
  pubDate now so sorting might work right with other readers.

Brock -- please add /home/phoenixpm/planet-phoenix-pm/cron.txt
to cron, if you don't mind.  It should run daily as the
phoenixpm user.

Re: Planet, you can subscribe to http://phoenix.pm.org/planet/rss20.xml
or http://phoenix.pm.org/planet/atom.xml, or just go view the
page in HTML whenever you're craving updates on the activities
of local Perl people.  This is the same thing they're using
at http://planet.perl.org, except instead of being interesting,
important Perl people, we're just the Phoenix Perl people.
If you blog about Perl (even 10% of the time), send me a link to
your RSS feed, or post it to the group and I'll add it so it gets
aggregated with the other ones.  If you have two feeds, I'll add
them.  Or if you have Twitter, I'll add that (since the messages
are short, I don't even care if they're Perl related).

Thanks for the flood of information from everyone.  I've added a 
bunch of it. 

This is part of my plan to move to a more "virtual" format.
Here's my vision for things (if anyone with a more human
vision wants to step up, be our guest):

* Running mostly autonomously
* Piggybacking on other area group's meetings
* Aggregating Perl related RSS feeds from local (or ex-local) members
* Encourage people to send invites to the list even for non-Perl-
  related events ("we're having a little party at my house with 
  a bunch of nerds, ya'll are welcome")
* Infrequent "official" meetings when we can get a good guest
  speaker or when it's been a while and people get the itch
  to actually isolate themselves from things other than Perl

I'd still like to get the rss.cgi script doing excerpts of the 
changes on the Wiki pages, but I'd have to do a bunch of CVS log/CVS 
diff parsing which I'm doing on another Wiki but don't feel like 
doing now.  Patches welcome though.

Comments?  Feeds for me?


On  0, Brock <awwaiid at gmail.com> wrote:
> oh yes! I forgot about PhxBUG, but certainly didn't mean to offend :)
> I think I actually contradicted myself -- what I meant to say was that
> those are the existing meetings to dodge for a standalone long-running
> perlmonger meeting.
> --Brock
> On 7/31/07, Darrin Chandler <dwchandler at stilyagin.com> wrote:
> > On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 01:37:54PM -0400, Brock wrote:
> > > Seriously though, I've gone to several of the PLUG-dev meetings and we
> > > even had an impromptu perl meeting at one of their meetings once and
> > > it was great and we were welcomed.
> >
> > They're quite open, have a regular turnout, and have been positive about
> > pretty much any topic. Good perl-fu would be appreciated, methinks.
> >
> > > Here is a list of possibly conflicting free-software-friendly groups I
> > > know of to help you fill in N and X:
> > >
> > > first tuesday - Refresh Phoenix
> > > first thursday - PLUG DEV
> > > second monday - Ruby
> > > second thursday - PLUG East Side
> > > third tuesday - Ruby on Rails
> > > third tuesday - Free Software Stammtisch
> > > fourth wednesday - PLUG West Side
> > > fourth tuesday - AzPHP
> >
> > If you're considering invading PLUG East Side, you may want to throw
> > PhxBUG in there as well (first Tuesday). We usually do sysadmin topics,
> > and Perl fits so well with that it's not funny. Other misc perl
> > development topics also welcome.
> >
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