[Phoenix-pm] New classrooms available to reserve in Tempe

Lackrone, Luke-P56802 Luke.Lackrone at gdc4s.com
Mon Sep 25 12:47:04 PDT 2006


I spotted this today:  the new North Tempe Multigenerational Center

I know people on the list are sometimes looking for classroom
environments to reserve for meetings. 

The rooms here hold 20 people, 40 if you book two rooms and put 'em
together.  They appear to have screens, hopefully projectors, too.  Not
sure about Internet, but the facility has a computer lab w/ Internet, so
likelihood of getting it in the classroom is not bad.

Reserving them appears to be free.

Anyway, just passing on the find in case it's useful for the group or an
Luke Lackrone General Dynamics C4 Systems 

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