[Phoenix-pm] perl eval and the No Execute chips

Brock awwaiid at thelackthereof.org
Tue Sep 12 22:32:51 PDT 2006

Great question! Perl, as it is now, wouldn't be effected at all as far
as I know. Though it makes me wonder about loaded modules...

So here's the trick. If this is a general purpose processor that could
run an OS such as linux, then you have to allow dynamically linked
libraries. If you allow dynamically linked libraries, then you can
effectively change the program at run-time (if nothing else you can
re-compile a changed version of the program, dynamically load it, and
then transfer control).

But that's a bit of a side track. Really, let's expand the question to
this -- How does "eval" work?

I think I smell a meeting topic...


On 2006., Jerry Davis wrote:
| I was reading an article through /. about Security, and I quote a
| little from the article:
| "Aitel cited the NX (No eXecute) technology being built into chips from
| Intel and Advanced Micro Devices that will effectively prevent code
| execution within data pages such as default heaps, stacks and memory
| pools."
| What if any effect will this new technology have on scripted languages
| like perl?
| Just wondering here.
| Jerry
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