[Phoenix-pm] MEETING CHANGE - Thursday September 7th @7:00pm

Brock awwaiid at thelackthereof.org
Thu Sep 7 11:09:03 PDT 2006

This is the only positive RSVP that I've recieved, and I recently
learned of the topic for tonights PLUG-dev meeting and it fits in well
with the perl group.

SO! Tonight's meeting is re-located to be at the PLUG-dev meeting! Here
is the announcement:

What: PLUG Developer Meeting (And Phoenix.PM meeting!)
When: Thursday, September 7th, 2006 at 7:00 PM
Where: Adtron Corporation
4415 E. Cotton Center Blvd., Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85040
(Directions are available in the web site FAQ)

Topic: Web Technologies on Linux - a Comparison by Paul Balyoz

A comparison of popular languages for web development - Perl,
PHP,HTML/Javascript/CSS, Ruby/Rails, Java EJB3; strengths & weaknesses,
whatto use when, etc. This will show the wide variety of
developmentchoices that Unix/Linux provides.Speaker: Paul Balyoz,
Fastech Learning Center

Paul Balyoz currently works as an instructor at the Fastech Learning
Center located in Chandler, Arizona. His past experience as Unix system
administrator, firewall engineer, and software designer during the past
18 years have fueled the fire of his passion to teach technical skills
to others. Paul has developed a number of open source software packages
including Dlint and Domtools. Fastech ( http://www.fastechLC.com/) holds
regular classes around the Phoenix area on Perl, Unix, PHP, HTML/CSS,
Javascript, and SQL - at all levels from beginning to advanced.


Derek, can you make it to this one? I am working downtown so I can give
you a ride if you like :)

Everyone else -- you can still RSVP!


On 2006., Derek Cline wrote:
| I'll be there.
| -=Derek
| On Sep 4, 2006, at 9:56 PM, Brock wrote:
| > Greetings,
| >
| > Sorry for the delayed announcement/confirmation. It's been a tough  
| > week
| > for me, which I'll tell you all about when you come to the meeting!
| >
| >      Time: Thursday 7 September 2006 7:00pm-9:00pm
| >  Location: Counter Culture Cafe, Phoenix, AZ
| >            http://maps.google.com/maps?q=2330+E+McDowell+phoenix,+az
| >     Topic: Andy Lester at upcoming (Oct, is my guess) meeting planning
| >            perl -e 'print "Command line perl tricks\n"'
| >            Perl community / technology updates (what's new and cool)
| >     Other: Free wireless, bring your laptops!
| >
| > Trying to hit the phoenix area a bit here, and Counter Culture worked
| > out really well last time.
| >
| > Perhaps a somewhat random topic, but I think a great one and one  
| > that I
| > use on a very regular basis (command line one-offs, that is). Can also
| > be a lead-in to a regex discussion/tutorial.
| >
| > Please RSVP!
| >
| > --Brock
| >
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