[Phoenix-pm] Meeting Announcement :)

Scott Walters scott at slowass.net
Mon Oct 30 11:18:12 PST 2006

Hi everyone,

Two things...

I need a graphical artist who doesn't suck.  The work is a series
of miscellaneous things.  So, what's a good board or site to go to
to shop for graphic designers?  

CodeCamp -- nicely done.  Very low fuss.  Speakers don't even
have to check in.  Someone steps into your talk part way 
through to make sure you're there, apparently, and takes some
photos.  No cost.  Nice turnout for a local thing... probably
a few hundred people there.  UACT doesn't exactly have a 
campus, but it's very nicely appointed.  They have a computer
lab in a depression in the floor which was is nice for eatting
lunch and playing with your laptop or hanging out, and they 
have various game systems hooked up to TVs, and bright, modern
data projectors, and good classroom space.  Talks were good
all in all with a few great ones in there.  The 'Why Your
User Interface Sucks' was a hoot.  Various users groups
descended upon it.  The Microsoft weenies were everywhere,
but PLUG (Phoenix Linux Users Group) had an all day install-fest
going.  I meant to swing by and rub elbows but never quite
got around to it.  There were three Perl talks, as you know,
but when the audiance was asked if there were any Perl users
in the UI talk, about 30 hands went up, so the Perlers were


On  0, Brock <awwaiid at thelackthereof.org> wrote:
> We are having our next meeting on Saturday at DesertCodeCamp :)
> http://desertcodecamp.com/
> We will have three perl-related talks,
> * The Catalyst Framework (Christopher)
> * Perl for the Beginning or Aspiring Clinically Insane Programmer (Scott)
> * Perl Continuity: Create Web Applications Using Continuations (Brock)
> I, being completely biased, am most interested in you attending the talk
> on Continuity which will take place at 5:05pm. I (and Scott) have
> presented various bits of it over the last few years, but this is the
> real deal. This will be a prequel to a perl.com article, so I'll be
> especially interested in feedback.
> I don't think you _really_ need to register or anything, but it would
> probably be nice for the hosts.
> Of course, I could also re-present this at a perl-only meeting too.
> --Brock
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