[Phoenix-pm] Meeting Announcement :)

Lorin Thwaits lthwaits at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 27 01:51:47 PDT 2006

It's great to have a selection of Perl-centric topics this time at camp!  A 
big "Thanks" to those who made that happen.  Several of the local user 
groups have embraced camp in this way.

Would be nice for all attendees to register.  We're trying to keep an 
accurate count so we know what rooms each session should be in, and how much 
pizza to buy and everything.  And we promise to only send relevant 
information to you once you sign up.


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> We are having our next meeting on Saturday at DesertCodeCamp :)
> http://desertcodecamp.com/
> We will have three perl-related talks,
> * The Catalyst Framework (Christopher)
> * Perl for the Beginning or Aspiring Clinically Insane Programmer (Scott)
> * Perl Continuity: Create Web Applications Using Continuations (Brock)
> I, being completely biased, am most interested in you attending the talk
> on Continuity which will take place at 5:05pm. I (and Scott) have
> presented various bits of it over the last few years, but this is the
> real deal. This will be a prequel to a perl.com article, so I'll be
> especially interested in feedback.
> I don't think you _really_ need to register or anything, but it would
> probably be nice for the hosts.
> Of course, I could also re-present this at a perl-only meeting too.
> --Brock
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