[Phoenix-pm] Only 24 slots for presenters remain at Desert CodeCamp

Brock awwaiid at thelackthereof.org
Wed Oct 4 09:47:08 PDT 2006

Thanks for the heads-up, Lorin.

It's cool that the UAT hosts this. I didn't end up going to the last one
because they made me nervous through all the presentations on non-free
technologies. But it turned out really well (I hear), and even though
they actually advertise it does seem to be a community effort :)

So heck... let's present a perl topic or three!

What to present... hmm.


On 2006., Lorin Thwaits wrote:
| We're nearing capacity for the sessions at Desert Code Camp, having 40
| confirmed so far.  Just 24 spaces remain for those interested in presenting
| about their favorite technology.  Once we reach 64 confirmed sessions, our
| major advertising blitz to fill up the RSVP slots for attendees will begin.
| In terms of Perl content, we have only the dynamic Chris Berber talking about
| Catalyst.  If anyone is interested in presenting another Perl-centric one,
| please get set up on the site:
| http://desertcodecamp.com
| All you have to do is suggest a track or session using the textboxes at the
| right, and then sign up to teach a session by clicking the blue "I can teach
| this!" link that appears on all suggested sessions.
| Every classroom has a projector, Internet connection, and whiteboard.  So all
| you have to worry about is preparing great content.
| At this point other open source content includes a fun Java presentation about
| the Eclipse Web Tools project, a whopping six Ruby on Rails presentations, an
| intro to MySQL, and a neat-O thing on Subversion presented by Wendy Smoak. 
| Don't let this be the only OSS at this camp.
| Thanks so much for your technical contributions!
| -Lorin

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