[Phoenix-pm] a few YAPC videos out, Google-Perl, POE+Coro, meeting subjects

Scott Walters scott at slowass.net
Sun Nov 12 20:25:19 PST 2006

Okay, I resent a few times trying to remember which address I was subscribed as,
and they all just got wedged up and went through at once.  Sorry for the spam...


On  0, Scott Walters <scott at slowass.net> wrote:
> Some of the YAPC talks have finally been posted:
> http://www.media-landscape.com/yapc/speakers.html
> We all thought the company doing those just completely forgot about the
> whole mess, but apparently they belched a few out before the expected
> deep sixing we're still not convinced won't happen.
> I asked about working at Google on use.perl.org -- specifically, if any Perl
> programmers who go in are ever heard from again, because I'm sure not hearing 
> much from out of there.  One reply cited:
> http://steve-yegge.blogspot.com/2006/09/good-agile-bad-agile_27.html
> ... which happens to be an interesting article in its own right =)
> I keep saying that POE needs to play nice with Coro.  Apparently someone else
> had the same thought:
> http://search.cpan.org/~bsmith/POE-Session-YieldCC-0.200/lib/POE/Session/YieldCC.pm
> I haven't worked through the syntax yet, but it seems like just registering csubs
> for the callbacks would be enough to do the trick... well, that, plus a hack to
> get POE's schedular to call Event::Loop when not doing anything else.  Crud,
> deja vu.  
> Still, that might make it really easy to get at work that's been done for POE
> from Continuity.  And the idea of mapping requests to execution contexts is
> as valid as it ever was.
> I keep finding myself saying "I should give a talk on that".  Here's what my memory
> tells me I've said that about recently:
> * Constraint systems (solve complex problems by modeling them as interative
>   bits that push and pull on each other)
> * TransientBaby (new and improved, with MORE grues!)
> * Perl for Beginning or Aspiring Clinically Insane Programmers (gave at Desert Code
>   Con, could repeat, if there are any novices to be found anywhere other than on IRC)
> * Something about when I was working somewhere or something or doing something
>   on something, but I forget...
> -scott
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