[Phoenix-pm] a few YAPC videos out, Google-Perl, POE+Coro, meeting subjects

Scott Walters scott at illogics.org
Sat Nov 11 02:43:41 PST 2006

Some of the YAPC talks have finally been posted:


We all thought the company doing those just completely forgot about the
whole mess, but apparently they belched a few out before the expected
deep sixing we're still not convinced won't happen.

I asked about working at Google on use.perl.org -- specifically, if any Perl
programmers who go in are ever heard from again, because I'm sure not hearing 
much from out of there.  One reply cited:


... which happens to be an interesting article in its own right =)

I keep saying that POE needs to play nice with Coro.  Apparently someone else
had the same thought:


I haven't worked through the syntax yet, but it seems like just registering csubs
for the callbacks would be enough to do the trick... well, that, plus a hack to
get POE's schedular to call Event::Loop when not doing anything else.  Crud,
deja vu.  

Still, that might make it really easy to get at work that's been done for POE
from Continuity.  And the idea of mapping requests to execution contexts is
as valid as it ever was.

I keep finding myself saying "I should give a talk on that".  Here's what my memory
tells me I've said that about recently:

* Constraint systems (solve complex problems by modeling them as interative
  bits that push and pull on each other)
* TransientBaby (new and improved, with MORE grues!)
* Perl for Beginning or Aspiring Clinically Insane Programmers (gave at Desert Code
  Con, could repeat, if there are any novices to be found anywhere other than on IRC)
* Something about when I was working somewhere or something or doing something
  on something, but I forget...


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