[Phoenix-pm] August PhxBUG Meeting, Tuesday August 1st

Darrin Chandler dwchandler at stilyagin.com
Sat Jul 29 14:53:26 PDT 2006


The next meeting of the Phoenix BSD User Group will be Tuesday, August
1st at 7:30pm. The location is ASU, Bateman PS-F Room 566 (map at
http://www.asu.edu/map/b2.html), courtesty of Marco.

This month's presentation will be An Introduction to PF, by Yours Truly.
I will lightly cover all the main features, with simple example rule
sets. With luck, we will also be able to show these in action.

For any of you not familiar with pf, it is a stateful packet filter
developed and maintained by the OpenBSD project, and ported to NetBSD,
FreeBSD, and (I've heard tell) Linux. It features an efficient and
secure design, coupled with a clean and readable rule syntax.

Last month we missed some of the usual crowd but had a few new faces
attend. I hope we can get the best of both this month, and I hope to see
you there.

Darrin Chandler
Phoenix BSD Users Group (PhxBUG)
dwc at bsd.phoenix.az.us

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