[Phoenix-pm] [ANN] Phoenix Ruby Users Group August Meeting

James G. Britt j.g.britt at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 21:05:12 PDT 2006

(Note: posted to the Perl list with prior permission.  Please let me 
know if this is an issue.)

The Phoenix Ruby Users Group will hold its August meeting on Monday, 
August 16, 2006, at 6:15pm.

The meeting will be held at at facilities graciously provided by Cyclone 

Please see the group wiki at:


for a map and directions.

Topics: Undefined at the moment. Ruby stuff, at the very least.  Rails 
stuff,  whatever people feel compelled to talk about.  It's always good.

We've made a habit of going off to the Havana Cafe on Bell Road and 64th 
Street after the meeting

map: http://rubyurl.com/7r9

If you cannot make the meeting, but are free later on (8:30-ish), 
consider meeting up at the restaurant.

(And if you do, please first call James Britt (see 
http://rubyurl.com/R7h for the number) so a big enough table is reserved.)

The Phoenix Ruby Users Group meets on the second Monday of every month 
(baring holidays), at 6:15pm, at Cyclone Commerce.  Snacks and soda, too!

  AKA http://rubyurl.com/R7h


James Britt

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