[Phoenix-pm] ICFP this weekend! 3 days of intense programming!

Scott Walters scott at illogics.org
Wed Jul 19 12:18:45 PDT 2006


Those of us who have done this by ourselves in the past are really sold on
the idea of having a bit more of a team this time around.  The puzzles
lend themselves to optimization, where it's easy enough to create a 
correct solution, but with a bit of cleverness, you can make a better
solution.  The winning team gets flown to the International Functional
Programming Conference, usually somewhere in Europe, and publically honored.
In the past, OCaml, Haskell, C++, and damn near everything *except* Perl
has won (er, has been used by the winning team), and some of us here want
to represent for Perl, yo.  Unloading all of your most brutal techniques
you don't dare putting into production is great fun, and you'll likely 
come to a number of epiphanies as your mind is forced to expand under
the pressure.  

I'll bring Jolt Cola and generic Provigil.  


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