[Phoenix-pm] 5 of 18: Commit your $20 to fly in a speaker, you vacationing losers

Scott Walters scott at illogics.org
Mon Jul 3 10:40:49 PDT 2006

Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I'd like to do this every month or so with a 
different speaker.  Once we burn through all of the TPF, published authors,
celebreties from other technical backgrounds, etc, we'll start flying in
random schmucks from other PM groups to talk.


On  0, Scott Walters <scott at illogics.org> wrote:
> On  0, Brock <awwaiid at thelackthereof.org> wrote:
> > patience! Holliday weekend you know.
> Holidays are for the weak!
> Still, thanks for those who spoke up.  I just wanted to make it clear, since
> some doubt was expressed to me, that you're not helping *me* by giving me
> your money, I'm helping *you* by taking on the unpleasant job of collecting
> it and coordinating this.  I went to YAPC.  I saw Andy Lester.  I already
> paid for one plane ticket.  This is for *you guys*.  There's some indication
> that you're tired of hearing *me* speak and this is a chance for us to have
> a significantly less lame meeting.  Got it? 
> > I'm still thinking that a meeting on the friday july 21st (or near then)
> > would be great, we can talk about the ongoing ICFP and YAPC and all
> > sorts of things. I'm investigating venues (and looking for a more
> > permanent location for presentation-centric meetings) already.
> Hey, let's ask Google if they have meeting space.  They keep trying to
> recruit us, so it might be in their interest.  And they can put a little
> out.
> -scott
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