[Phoenix-pm] 3 of 18: Commit your $20 to flyin a speaker, you deadbeat

Brock awwaiid at thelackthereof.org
Mon Jul 3 07:44:24 PDT 2006

patience! Holliday weekend you know.

I'm still thinking that a meeting on the friday july 21st (or near then)
would be great, we can talk about the ongoing ICFP and YAPC and all
sorts of things. I'm investigating venues (and looking for a more
permanent location for presentation-centric meetings) already.


On 2006., Scott Walters wrote:
| Don't make me go down the list of people who pretended to be excited 
| to meet me or claimed to really enjoy a talk we've had to shake you
| bastards down.  Let's make this easy on all of us, okay?  
| I have three names.  One of them is mine and one is Brock's.  Let's
| get with the program, here.
| I have about 5 books for door prizes here, and I'm going to drive to
| Flagstaff and release them to Book Crossing unless I see some 
| improvement here.  Lazy ass losers...
| -scott
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