[Phoenix-pm] Andy Lester to Phoenix for "Technical Debt" talk

Scott Walters scott at illogics.org
Sat Jul 1 22:38:13 PDT 2006

Hi Perl Mongers,

If we're willing to pay airfare, we can get well-known Perl personalities as 
speakers.  In the past, we've had Randal Schwartz out of luck and Dan Sugalski
as part of the Perl 6 world tour, but if we get about 17 people to pony up 
$20, we can do fun things like this a lot more often.  Andy Lester has already
offered to come out.  Andy Lester did a "Get out of Technical Debt" talk at
YAPC.  There's a description at 
http://www.yapcchicago.org/the-schedule/monday/m-abstracts#em1420 .
That's the talk we'd probably get.  

Andy Lester wrote WWW::Mechanize and _Pro Perl Debugging_ for APress.

Here's what I want:  Respond with a "me too" if you're willing to commit a
$20 to flying in a speaker and Brock and I (hi Brock) will handle the rest.
Consider asking your employer to sponser part of the cost, too -- especially
if an employer is willing to pay for hotel, we'll have a much more attractive


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