[Phoenix-pm] Refresh

Brock awwaiid at thelackthereof.org
Sat Feb 25 01:21:15 PST 2006

Don't know if you all have noticed (I just noticed them a few days ago)
but there is a new group which seems to be the spawn of the current
phase of Web Development and Design called Refresh. RefreshPhoenix has
had like 3 meetings so far, and it is interesting enough that I plan on
attending the next one (since I spend most of my time doing web-related

They're the type of people who love Ruby on Rails, if that tells you

Just thought I'd share -- http://refreshphoenix.org/

On another note I am still negotiating for a nice presentation from
Ticketmaster's Perl Programmers, though I may call for a meeting before

How are YOU doing? :)


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