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andypm@exiledplanet.org andypm at exiledplanet.org
Fri Sep 23 16:06:00 PDT 2005

Actually, check out the time() function.  It returns the seconds since the epoch (for whatever is considered the epoch on your platform).  'perldoc -f time' at a command prompt should give you the necessary info, or check your local copy of the Camel.


"Loo, Peter" <Peter.Loo at bannerhealth.com> wrote:
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>      Hello  All,
> I am  currently writing a shell program to automate a processwhich requires the  time value to do calculation. I was trying to get the epoch time (seconds  since January 1, 1970) using the Unix "date '+%s'" command. However, AIX  does not support "%s". So I am thinking about writing my own C program  just to output this seconds value, then I thought about using "localtime" in  PERL. What do you recommend?
> Thank you.
> Peter Loo
> Technical Services  Dept
> Banner  Health
> Phoenix, AZ  85008

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