[Phoenix-pm] Survey: IDE

Andrew Johnson andypm at exiledplanet.org
Mon Sep 12 22:46:05 PDT 2005

No IDE per se.  I normally use NEdit (http://www.nedit.org)
for an editor, which provides syntax coloring and is easy
to use.  It's also an X app, so it's graphical but works
with GNOME or KDE, or without them. 

I use Perl's bundled h2xs and MakeMaker programs to handle
project creation and packaging.  Most IDEs claim to make
this and other tasks easier.  The problem is most of them
I've seen make it "easier" by wrapping complex tasks in
equally complex GUIs, forcing you to learn a counter-intuitive
graphical process with limited power instead of a counter-intuiti
e text-based process with significantly more power.  (Eclipse,
I'm talking to you!) 

That's not to to say I'm totally anti-IDE.  MonoDevelop
seems cool enough, at least for the small Mono projects
I've done so far.  But IMHO Perl doesn't /force/ you to
use an IDE to deal with big projects.  Java/J2EE and C#
definitely do. 


Craig Frooninckx <medicldr at gmail.com> wrote:
>Okay, lets take a survey, who's using what IDE for development..

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