[Phoenix-pm] Fwd: Last chance to save The Phoenix Slashdot Meetup Group

Scott Walters scott at illogics.org
Tue Sep 6 11:49:15 PDT 2005

By the way, Phoenix.PM once meet at the Willow House at the
same time the Slashdot Meetup group meet at the same location,
just to socialize and mingle with the local tech scene
(we had a social meeting). A handful of people came out
for the Meetup, and the meeting format exactly followed that
of normal social meetings -- we just talked about Microsoft
the whole time.

Meetup went more commercial, and now you have to pay a 
small amount of money to run a Meetup. Upshot: Phoenix.PM
could own the Phoenix Slashdot Meetup if we wanted to. 

Actually, our control would be limited unless we let them
pick the location, as Meetup has a location voting process
(that doesn't work -- everyone votes for a location, then
90% of the people who RSVP don't make it, so the last 10%
are stuck at a location they didn't want to drive to).

Er, anyway, just a slightly evil thought. 

More seriously, I'd like to open the doors to Python, Ruby,
Pike, etc programmers and get more of mixed culture. I'd like
to see presentations about Ruby (neat hackery and basic tutelage)
and gain some exposure to the more fringe scripting languages 
that have neat things going for them but I wouldn't otherwise
have exposure to. I'm not proposing changing the name, just
the "mission statement".



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