[Phoenix-pm] Meeting room possibilities...

John Zugel jzugel at excite.com
Fri Oct 21 11:13:35 PDT 2005

Hi y'all -

Attempting to help find a meeting room, I offer the following :

1. Most public libraries have meeting rooms, but they apparently
charge for use, so depending on how flush we're feeling, this is
a possibility.

2. Most public libraries have study rooms, and Scottsdale's offers
WiFi, but there's usually a maximum of 6, so depending on how cozy we're feeling, this is a possiblity.

3. ASU's library has study rooms, but I don't know how large they are. The library has never asked me for ID, but that may just be my professorial (ie. unkempt) appearance.

4. When I lived in an apartment, the apartment complex had a common room available at no charge, large enough for a good-size gathering, with some restrictions. But after 7 PM, the gate was closed and you had to buzz for admittance, a minor annoyance.

5. When I lived in Silicon Valley, one of the Carls Jrs had a meeting room that they regularly made available to groups for meetings. Perhaps one or more fast food/restaurants would help out on their slow nights, if approached properly.

6. I have no idea about how or how well the technology works, but would NetMeeting or something like it allow us to hold a virtual meeting ? If not, is there an entrepreneurial^H^H...^H^H, money-making possibility here, or an open source solution waiting for completion/contributions ?

7. If we were in some way allied with some other group, perhaps we could piggyback on their already-reserved space. Broadening the charter to combine with the PHP group that meets at Walt's TV (already a sizable group) might cross-pollinate both groups, altho that may have already happened. There was a Python group, but they seem to have disbanded/died. Perhaps they could be included. And maybe start a Ruby group, just for the extra weight on the letterhead.

So, that's my thoughts. I've got emails out to Phx Public Library and Scottsdale Public Library for rates/availability/etc. I'll post more when/if I know more.



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