[Phoenix-pm] GUI Abstraction

Chris Krum cakrum at cox.net
Sun Nov 6 11:50:52 PST 2005

Hey, I like that idea. A GUI layer that divines what toolkit you have 
installed and uses that. And if none is available, it can install TK 
for you. ;-)


On Nov 5, 2005, at 9:01 PM, Scott Walters wrote:

> I can't remember what it was called, but there is a module on CPAN that
> attempts to rewrite your SQL on the fly to accomodate different 
> databases
> and even does software simulations of subquries and such things where
> they're lacking. So, sure the idea has merit =P
> -scott
> On  0, Chris Krum <cakrum at cox.net> wrote:
>> I recently tried to install SPROG (http://sprog.sourceforge.net/) on
>> Mac OS X and couldn't get it to work because I couldn't get GTK2
>> running. This got me wondering if there was a GUI abstraction layer
>> similar to the DBI layer databases. I couldn't find one but I was
>> wondering if the idea had enough merit to be worth starting one of my
>> own. Thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris.
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