[Phoenix-pm] Fwd: Perl 6 Now reviews

Scott Walters scott at illogics.org
Tue Jan 11 09:39:23 PST 2005

I'm resending this because I didn't see it come back to me from the list. 
That's probably related to the pm.org server move. It occurs to me another good
place to send reviews is The Perl Review. use.perl.org is another good pick - 
write the review and submit it as an article. 

Unless I pull ahead of "Perl for Dummies" and stay there, I'm going to be
too ashamed to show my face in public - *especially* places where there are
Perl people (like Perl Mongers meetings). C'mon people, I don't ask for much.


To people who got copies of Perl 6 Now (all five of you) and were encouraged
to post reviews online if they found it favorable, here are some suggestions:




Of course, you're more than welcome to think up new and creative places to send
reviews. Slashdot is of particular interest if you've written a longer,
more thorough review with spoilers and loads of details. That's the kind
of review they like and Slashdot is a great place to land a review.

I hate the self-promotion thing, but right now I'm pulling up Matt Wright's rear and 
the shame is killing me.

Thanks to everyone who came and listened to me talk. Next time, I'll talk
about the creation of the book and the whole proposal and writing
process. It was completely not what I expected and extremely interesting,
IMO =) To those of you who are too self-important to make the trip or
too cool to be seen in our company even when bribed with a free book:
sit and spin. 


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