[Phoenix-pm] Meeting conflict with PLUG Devel meeting January 6th...

Douglas E. Miles perlguy at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 4 21:46:09 CST 2005

John Zugel wrote:
> Hi -
> I've recently moved here from Silicon Valley and am interested in both Perl and Linux.  Is it just bad luck that both groups have their first meetings of 2005 on the same night ?
> There aren't all that many technical groups in the Phoenix area, so I guess I'm surprised at the conflict.  Any possibility of moving the Perl meeting to another night ?
> Thanks,

I wonder if PLUG changed their meeting night.  It used to be the 2nd 
Thursday.  I tried to stick with the 1st Thursday to avoid the conflict. 
  I'll have to stick with this Thursday, as I've already reserved the 
room and equipment.  Can someone let me know if this is a fluke?  If 
not, in the future, I'll try to schedule on another night.  Sorry. :(

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