[Phoenix-pm] Part Time Job Opportunity

Douglas E. Miles perlguy at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 23 14:24:46 PST 2005

Hey all!

As you may recall, I'm now teaching a class at The Art Institute of
Phoenix.  They've asked me to teach a new class next quarter, but I
don't have time to do it.  It is an introductory programming class.  The
language has not been determined yet, so you *may* have some influence
in this decision.  You need to have at least a Bachelor's degree.  If
you are interested send your resume to:

cmcghee at aii.edu

Chris McGhee
Academic Director
Game Art & Design
Visual Game Programming
Interactive Media Design
Art Institute of Phoenix
2233 West Dunlap Ave.
Phoenix, AZ  85021

Also, copy me at perlguy at earthlink.net so I know if there is interest.
If you are a member of PLUG, would you mind forwarding this to that list
(if you won't get flamed for it)?  Also, feel free to pass this on to
anyone who might be interested who is not on this list.  Thanks!

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