[Phoenix-pm] Perl Contract 3-6 months

Victor Odhner vodhner at cox.net
Mon Sep 6 13:56:11 CDT 2004

My employer is looking for an experienced programmer
with solid (not necessarily wizard-level) knowledge
of Perl, for a contract lasting three to six months.
There's some prospect of direct employment, but you
should not bank on that to begin with.

Having built and *maintained* real applications
for real users is a basic requirement.  Comfort with
Perl's basic work-horse features is a must.  Any prior
contact with the hospitality industry (especially
having worked behind a hotel desk or in reservations)
would be a definite plus, but is by no means required.

Part time work may be available, but for a serious
number of hours, at least partly during the business
day for coordination purposes.

The application is a project that I have started and
will remain connected with, in which we need to
simulate a human interaction with a transaction system
to confirm that the inventory has been loaded correctly.
So this involves basic pattern matching, and some sort
of rules-driven structure that will respond robustly to
various situation.  For example, one important step is
to cancel the transaction without fail as soon as it's
made, before disconnecting, so that our clients won't
be annoyed by a flood of dummy transactions.

We have to do this with four different remote systems,
which are not under our control -- we only provide them
with data.  The software will not be very complex, maybe
8,000 to 10,000 lines per program, but must be *very*
flexible and maintainable.  It needs to produce a nice
crisp report of successful sells as our "proof" that
we have loaded the data, or some handy diagnostics
to help track down what data is missing.

Please contact me.



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