[Phoenix-pm] Phoenix.pm: Meeting 09/02/2004

Douglas E. Miles perlguy at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 1 14:21:18 CDT 2004

Please RSVP... (I hope people will show up.  Last time didn't work out 
so well. :( )

We'll be having a Phoenix.pm meeting Thursday September 2nd at 7:00PM.
It will be held at The Willow House, which is located at 149 W. McDowell
Rd., which is just West of Bowne on McDowell.  This is a social meeting,
so just show up, hang out, and have fun.  The Willow House has coffee,
and sandwiches, so bring some money if you are hungry.  If you want more
information, visit http://www.willowhouse.com/.  See you there!

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