How to display the inheritance tree?

Michael Friedman friedman at
Thu Jan 22 20:28:43 CST 2004


So, here I am in the debugger with a method that isn't getting found 
when I know for sure it's in the ISA tree *someplace*. I found the 
problem using ->isa() and ->can(), but it just raised the larger issue:

Is there a way to display the entire contents of the inheritance tree, 
given a starting class?

I'm guessing it gets checked on-the-fly, so you'd have to walk all the 
@ISAs yourself, but is there a better way? Does perl preprocess this 
sort of thing and store it somewhere it can be seen?

As I said, I fixed my immediate problem, but now I'm really curious 
about this.
Any thoughts?

-- Mike
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