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The cmd method will hold data till the next prompt is found; So the distance of a cmd is the measure of prompt to prompt. 

If you encounter a nasty prompt try this;
Issue a cmd to set the prompt right away.
 @lines = $tango->cmd("PS1='foo';stty kill '^U';export TERM=vt100") 

Now you can set the prompt to 'foo'

Prompt  => '/foo/'o'

Or from the perldoc Net::Telnet:

" Use a combination of "print()" and "waitfor()" as an
alternative to "login()" or "cmd()" when they don't 
what you want. 

EXAMPLE, note the '/ is a gregex...


Examples on request...
> From: Matt Alexander <m at>
> Date: 2004/01/14 Wed AM 10:06:56 EST
> To: PHXPERL <phoenix-pm-list at>
> Subject: Net::Telnet
> I'm trying to use Net::Telnet to connect to a device that simply outputs
> data after a connection is made.  There's no prompt and there's no
> indication of when it's done sending data, however I know that after about
> 10 seconds that I should have received all the data that was available.  I
> then want to save all the output from this device to a log file.
> I think the problem with my script is that it's looking for a prompt from
> the device.  I've tried setting Prompt => undef and Prompt => "", but
> these both generate warnings and I never retrieve any data.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> ~M

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