Meeting this week

Scott Walters scott at
Mon Jan 5 17:02:32 CST 2004

Tim Ayers suggested the possibility of doing something on perl golf,
which I'd like to see. Bill Lindley is working himself up to present 
his autosite program. Doug Miles found a robot thing in Tk good for
a programming competition. 

I owe you the last installment of the FuzzyLogic presentation, but I haven't 
started that yet, still. I could do something on Object::Lexical but that's 
just more boring object stuff. I could do an intro on Perl 5 virtual machine 
assembly. Oh, and I've been playing with Coro - I'd love to do a presentation
on it and I'm working on something using it that might be in a presentable
state. Coro is coroutines for Perl - coroutines both do and don't return.
It is useful as a sort of cooperative multithreading, and is a heck of 
alot more usable than perl's threads - easier to comprehend the sublteties
of and less buggy.


On  0, doug at wrote:
> I'd like to have a meeting this week if possible.  It seems like I had
> talked to someone about presenting.  Time, however, has clouded my weak
> memory.  If you'd like to present (or wouldn't like to and can) this
> Thursday, let me know.  Thanks!

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