Out of area jobs

Michael Friedman friedman at
Thu Feb 26 16:12:44 CST 2004

I didn't think we were supposed to mention jobs available outside the 
area, but since Doug did...

My group, HighWire Press, a division of the Stanford University 
Libraries, will be looking to hire another developer in the very near 
future. The job would be full-time, on-site at Stanford in beautiful 
Palo Alto, CA.

Java and Perl programming for our Apache 1/mod_jserv/Sybase/Verity web 
infrastructure. The job is more Java than Perl, but there's plenty of 
Perl work to go around.
Experience with Object-oriented and database programming a must.
Must be willing to work in an office with dogs running loose. (I'm not 

See our homepage at for "company" info, 
or just ask me.

We're also looking for a project manager and a customer-service rep 
(non-programming), if anyone's interested.

-- Mike

On Feb 26, 2004, at 2:22 PM, Douglas E. Miles wrote:

> Hello,
> Thought you should you know about this
> to pass along to any UG members or friends.
> (This information is available online at:
> Software Engineer, Sebastopol, CA
Michael Friedman                  HighWire Press, Stanford Southwest
Phone: 480-456-0880                                   Tempe, Arizona
FAX:   270-721-8034                  <friedman at>

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