Thursday Meeting Automated Pre-Announcement

Douglas E. Miles perlguy at
Thu Feb 26 10:56:10 CST 2004

Scott Walters wrote:
> "Cool" isn't the first word that comes to mind. I guess I'd better fix the bugs
> before I have it mail the list directly. So far I've just forwarded the messages
> and lazily not looked at them.
> I shouldn't be trying to work on the dates directly myself, but I've actually
> never worked with dates before! Amazing, I know. Atleast nothing more complex
> than grouping by month and recording and logging. I've seen ugly code using Date::Manip.
> What is the preferred method for doing this? This runs from cron, since you're curious ;)

I've just started working with dates a lot recently.  I'd recommend you 
check out the DateTime modules ( 
DateTime::Event::Recurrence might be of particular interest.  I'm not 
sure if these are the preferred modules right now, but the project was 
started to fix the problem of having a bazillion time/date modules that 
don't talk to each other.  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around a 
lot of it.  I'm sure there's a presentation in here somewhere ;)


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