Re: Processing Dates

Scott Walters scott at
Wed Feb 25 15:57:24 CST 2004

On  0, Victor Odhner <vodhner at> wrote:
> Was Re: Thursday Meeting Automated Pre-Announcement
> Hi, Scott.
> This is by no means to demean on your admirable shot
> at automatic notification.  You're among friends here,
> and it gives us a chance to talk about Perl munging.

"Admirable"? You're too kind. Or rather, too diplomatic. That script
was quick, dirty, and wrong. And the "12nd" did happen and someone pointed
it out on the list last time I forwarded its output =) Anything done without
atleast consulting the perlfaq shouldn't be called a serious effort.

Seriously, thank you for the tutorial. I hadn't heard the phrase
"table driven" since my COBOL instructor in technical college used it
12 years ago. People say "configurable" a lot these days which isn't as specific
and has ambagious intentions. And it's nice to know that you're writing
robust code in good style rather than merely having the bugs out, and
that's something you can only get from a code review.


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