Thursday Meeting Automated Pre-Announcement

Michael Friedman friedman at
Tue Feb 24 15:34:05 CST 2004


In case you didn't notice, next week Thursday is March 4th, not the 
30th of February by any definition... *grin*

So, what software did you use to generate this message? Something cool 
with Date::* and Mail::Sendmail?

-- Mike

PS - I believe (Doug, please correct me if I'm wrong), that I'll be 
talking about Automated Testing for this meeting. It won't take 2 hours 
unless you have lots of questions, though, so bring any other 
interesting ideas too.

On Feb 24, 2004, at 1:00 AM, scott at wrote:

> Hi,
> This is an automated message - this upcoming Thursday, the 30th, is a 
> Perl Mongers
> night!
> Pack up your favorite old and new books, your problem code, your clever
> hacks, pick a new or favorite module from CPAN or your library to 
> mention,
> if you want to share.
> If no topic has been announced, this is your chance to present that
> algorithm or module or technique - it doesn't have to be spectacular -
> people of all abilities show up and there is plenty of room for novice,
> intermediate, and expert content. If you don't suggest something, Doug,
> Kurt and Scott's inventory will be exhausted eventually, and no one 
> wants
> that.
> Watch this space for confirmation of the meeting date and announcement 
> of the
> final topic selection.
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