Meeting next month

doug at doug at
Mon Feb 2 14:49:56 CST 2004

Scott Walters said:
> - that's the
> current meeting idea suggestion list. Feel free to add to it, everyone.
> Here's another suggestion - Perl 6 101 =)
> There was a pretty good consensus on the Four Peaks Tempe thing.
> Perhaps we could do the real meeting, do 101 there, then retire to
> Four Peaks for discussion and geek pissing matches. Er, I mean
> getting pissed and watching footie matches. Meet at Four Peeks around
> 9:30.

I decided to hold the meeting at Bowne, because the 101 presentation takes
long enough as it is, without food/drink ordering and whatever other
distractions.  That said, feel free to put together another meeting at the
Four Peaks if you want to.  Hope I didn't step on anyone's toes. :)


Doug Miles

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