[Phoenix-pm] Scott Walters

Jason Riedel jasonriedel at jasonriedel.com
Tue Dec 28 23:56:33 CST 2004


Actually you didn't miss a thing. The list is seemingly inactive right now. 
So how about that meeting your taking over for Doug temporarily right?


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> Gack, right after this exchange where I suggested a meeting be held,
> the machine crashed and stayed crash a good long time before someone was
> able to restart it. Jason, was a meeting actually held? If so, sorry
> to everyone I couldn't make it =(
> -scott
> On  0, Jason Riedel <jasonriedel at jasonriedel.com> wrote:
>> Wow Scott a book deal? I read the initial post a few days ago, but thats
>> really cool I had no idea you were up to that. Of course if I showed up 
>> to
>> a meeting ever I would probably be more in the know. Anyway, are you 
>> gonna
>> be selling your book at the next PM meeting or being generous in 
>> christmas
>> spirit? LOL, either way I'm game for a copy so I will have to make it a
>> point to show to the next meeting!
>> Doug when might that be?
>> Way to inactive member (I read daily, but post rarely),
>> Jason Riedel
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>> >Yeah, but not reviewed, and Amazon says they have P6N in stock and I've
>> >sent brian d foy the proofs ages ago and the POD before that. I
>> >was hoping for a proper review =P
>> >
>> >But I owe him an article that's now late so I suppose it's fair...
>> >
>> >I got http://www.perl6now.com up and I have copies to bring in to
>> >the next meeting.
>> >
>> >-scott
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >On  0, "Douglas E. Miles" <perlguy at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> >>WOOT!  Scott Walters and his book "Perl 6 Now" are mentioned on page 4
>> >>of the latest issue of the Perl Review!
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