[Phoenix-pm] Meeting, um, tomorrow?

Douglas E. Miles perlguy at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 1 19:26:47 CST 2004

Michael Friedman wrote:
> Is there going to be a Phoenix.pm meeting tomorrow or next week?

There is NO meeting tomorrow.

I've been meaning to send this message for a while, but haven't gotten 
the chance.  I'm going to have to ask someone to take over the group for 
me, at least temporarily.  I've been busy at work, and I just got a part 
time job.  I'll be teaching "Operating Systems and Shell Scripting" at 
the Art Institute of Phoenix starting in January.  Right now, I'm trying 
to put together my lesson plans, get a textbook, etc.  Also, I've been 
working on moving my business forward.  As you might guess, 3 jobs 
leaves me with very little time.  This has been a hard decision for me, 
but I just can't give Phoenix.pm the attention it deserves right now. 
So I would greatly appreciated it if one (or more) of you would step 
forward to organize the meetings.  I'll try to attend if I can, but I 
can't make any promises.  I apologize for the tardiness of the message, 
but I haven't even had the time to send this off.  Thanks!

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