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Frooninckx Craig - cfroon Craig.Frooninckx at acxiom.com
Mon Aug 2 10:02:02 CDT 2004

I'm new to objects in Perl and I'm trying to create an object call Task,
that I load into a Hash of Arrays based on the due date attribute of the
object.  Everything appears fine until I start to step through the
Hash/Array to call the print method of the loaded object.  It appears not to
work, but the print statements that I put in show the same type and
reference as was created at the beginning.  I'm assuming that there is
something simple about this that I've overlooked and/or don't understand.
Any insight and suggestions would be appreciated.




use lib "lib";

use Task;


my %todo;


my $task1 = new Task( something => "me", desc => "This is my first task" );
print $task1->print(), "\n"; print STDERR "\$task1: [$task1]\n"; push @{
$todo{ $task1->tsort() } }, $task1; my $task2 = new Task( due =>
"2004-12-18", desc => "Second Task", type => "work" ); #print
$task2->print(), "\n"; push @{ $todo{ $task2->tsort() } }, $task2;


foreach my $key ( sort keys %todo ) {

      print STDERR "\$key: [$key]\n";

      foreach my $obj ( @{ $todo{ $key } } ) {

            print STDERR "\$obj: [$obj]\n";

            $obj->print(), "\n";








Pending                       Home This is my first task

$task1: [Task=HASH(0x8152410)]

$key: []

$obj: [Task=HASH(0x8152410)]

$key: [1103353200]

$obj: [Task=HASH(0x819731c)]



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