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Tue Sep 30 14:28:10 CDT 2003

I was asked to review the 4 day Perl class I just completed.  The class was given by Hands On Technology Transfer at  As a beginner, I thought it was pretty good.  We spent an entire day on CGI and web apps.  About half a day was on Regular Expressions and pattern matching.  The better part of a day was spent on scalars, arrays and hashes too.  The class was small with only 7 people in it.  Since it was at their facility it was on XP machines using Active State 5.6.  They offer the course along with quite a few other courses all over the country on a regular schedule.  It is scheduled for Phoenix on 10/21.  Their PHP class, also 4 days, is scheduled here on 11/11.  Cost for a 4 day class is $1695 and for an added $400 they take care of air fare and hotel if you need to go out of town for the class.  I was scheduled to take it in Detroit but due to low enrollment they cancelled that offering.  They re-scheduled me for it at their main offices in Chelmsford, MA.  They then paid the hotel and air fare which they were not going to do before.  They put me in a Radisson which was pretty nice.

Over all I feel it gave me a good basis to get started with Perl and will make it easier to learn more from more advanced books, etc.  It is a beginning level course, but then that is what I needed.  If any of you have any specific questions about what was or was not covered please ask away.

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