mySQL help

Kitty jennykitten1 at
Thu Sep 11 20:15:12 CDT 2003

It's not a paid project, but I could probably provide beer/Jolt & pizza
on occasion. I still don't want to say what it's for, but it involves a
ad-hoc group dealing with women's issues. I'd like to plan on doing most
of the work, just need someone I can turn to, when I'm stuck.

On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 17:34, Scott Walters wrote:
> Hi Kitty,
> One mans suggestion:
> Post the requirements for the job - Perl and MySQL and CGI as you've
> described should be satisfactory. If you also need graphic design,
> that is worth mentioning. Then name the terms - are you looking for
> an hourly rate? Individuals to bid the project, perhaps signing
> non-disclosure agreements before you give them the specs? 
> If it is for a charitable organization of some sort, you could
> attract some attention with those credientials, and then build up
> to what is to be done after establishing communications.
> Problem with this kind of blanket statement is the people most
> qualified to help will have the greatest hesitation. So, any 
> details you can give would help a lot.
> Thanks,
> -scott
> On  0, Kitty <jennykitten1 at> wrote:
> > 
> > I'm thinking about a project, but am a little over my head, and don't
> > have the time to learn what I need to learn to implement it. So I was
> > wondering if someone would be willing to lend a hand on a Perl & mySQL
> > project, w/ a simple web interface. 
> > 
> > It sort of a sensitive project, and don't want to go into the details
> > here, but would appreciate hearing from someone that could help out.
> > -- 
> > Take care,
> > Kitty
> > 
Take care,

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