Getting published (was SCO and EFF -- do something)

Doug Miles doug.miles at
Wed Sep 3 12:08:22 CDT 2003

Scott Walters wrote:

> Perl
> Design Patterns prompted an interesting exchange with Apress. For
> those of you who don't know, I've been trying to sell Perl Design Patterns
> to a publisher for some time. I've essentially ran the gauntlet of publishers.
> I have 3 or 4 left to tap. The one thing I've learned is going through normal
> channels does not work for someone without a recognizable name like myself.


Why don't you try getting an article published on first? 
You'll get your name out there, and have a published example of your 
work.  This is something I'm considering doing.  The main problem I have 
to overcome is that I hate writing. :)

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