SCO and EFF -- do something

Doug Miles doug.miles at
Wed Sep 3 11:47:18 CDT 2003

Scott Walters wrote:
> Perl. That makes this discussion off-topic.
> Atleast mostly off-topic. The state of Free Software legally and politically
> is interesting to people involved in the gospel and development of Perl.
> Like any good off-topic discussion, it is being kept short. We've had some
> bad off-topic dicussions on here (programming licensing went on and on).
> Now, there is a chance you meant to imply you wanted to see less off-topic
> discussion and you weren't merely asking if this was considered on-topic.
> If that is the case, I don't think anyone will be offended if you come
> right out and say that.
> Best wishes,
> -scott

Sometimes I just like to see any dicussion at all, so I know you're all 
still alive. ;)

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