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Sun Oct 12 17:32:26 CDT 2003


Anyway, check out these pics from the groklaw protest at SCO headquarters in
Lindon, Utah.

I think this one is particularly cute:

I don't think that SCO is ever going to live that pic down.


Victor Odhner wrote:

> Please contact Angela directly, not me.
> Skills:  Perl, MySQL, and Linux is good too.
> Contact:
>  Angela Willfong <AngelaWillfong at>
>  480-776-3300 x 105
> Angie is a recruiter for Spherion Technology. I
> (Victor) worked for them for a couple of years and they
> are a good outfit. (It was previously Interim
> Technology, and before that it was Computer Power
> Group.)
> They are working on a mail filtering job involving
> Perl, MySQL and Linux. Work would be in their office in
> the Old Scottsdale area, for about two weeks, and
> they'd like to start on Monday if possible.
> They have one person they've imported from another
> office, working the PHP end, but want another person.
> Vic

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