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Thu May 1 17:23:31 CDT 2003

I, on the other hand, have a tendency to chew off
more than I can bite.  =/


Scott Walters wrote:

> Okey, I tend to bite off more than I can chew, but here it is:
> I've had good response in the past on doing a Fuzzy Logic presentation,
> so I'd like to do something in three parts:
> . Theory of Fuzzy Logic and how my interface implements it - applications
>   for Fuzzy Logic, comparison to statistical methods and to neural networks.
>   Fuzzy sets, fuzzy operations, data units in fuzzy systems.
>   Classification and pattern recognition using systems of fuzzy logic.
>   How Fuzzy Logic deals with the learning problem, its advantages and
>   disadvantages to back-propogation and genetic programming.
> . Design of my (yet to be released) Fuzzy Logic module.
>   Use of permutators and discriminators to find near-optimal solutions.
>   Example Fuzzy Sets using "recently", "good health", and "shooting range"
>   as examples of time, distance, and amount.
>   Specifications for lacking modeling environment.
> . Walk-through of example program to control an imaginary robot.
>   Contest - Games::AI::Bots battle on the LCD projector between
>   modified versions of the sample program or else completely different
>   solutions.
> I'm aiming to record presentations on VHS-C and compress them up as MPEGs and
> post them on, so people only attending part 2 or part 3 aren't
> excluded. I haven't quite gotten the sound to work as the capture device
> I have access to uses the computers audio in, and the mic jacks on the
> machines around here don't seem to want to work. Perhaps I'll subtitle
> them ;)
> Games::AI::Bots was Doug's idea for a contest. I've kind of co-opted it.
> With luck, it can serve to illustrate other ideas in the future as well.
> There is no meeting this Thursday I guess, but I'll plan on kicking
> things off in two weeks.
> Thoughts?
> -scott

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