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Scott Walters scott at
Wed Feb 19 17:37:43 CST 2003

> Since this is the first message I've seen on this list since I joined, I guess 
> it might be a good time to say hi!
> Hi! ;-)


> I'm fairly new to Linux, and have built a RH8.0 box, with some decent hardware 
> in it. I've been teaching myself Perl from the llama book, and have written a  
> nice program that is a Scrabble/crossword/Jumble cheater.

> I'm hoping to make it to the meeting.

You may get your wish sooner than you think! Feel free to bring
source code along with you, in executable or dead free form, we're always happy
to make constructive comments and give feedback on Perl.

General note to all cocnerned...

Doug, our Pumpking, has suggested allocating time in general for peer help. We've
all been stuck on a hard problem at some point or another and we've traditionally
waited until after the meeting and stood around in the parking lot hitting each
other up for ideas. I agree moving this into the meeting format would be cool
and useful, so now meetings are open to both showing off working programs
and non working ones ;) Just bring the code and we'll make time.

> -- 
> Take care,
> Jenny

Good to hear from you, and welcome to the list. You're welcome to link to your
resume or personal page from's Wiki, even if you don't
make it to a meeting - we're all busy folks.

Best wishes,

> Random quote of the day:
> You're never too old to become younger.
> 		-- Mae West

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