SCO and EFF -- do something

johnb johngnub at
Sat Aug 30 19:14:29 CDT 2003

DONE, and passed it as as well;


On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 12:07 PM, Scott Walters wrote:

> Hi,
> EFF is doing a letter writing, fax, emai, campaign to congress to make 
> them
> aware of SCO's extortion. A little pressure can sick an attorney 
> general
> on SCO, and as you know, the attorney general is something of a 
> dedicated
> public prosectuor with an an office full of lawyers making sure 
> companies
> follow the law too and they act primarily in response to consumer 
> complaints.
> Fraud, false advertising, and extortion are all on their list. But I 
> rant.
> So, anyway, if you happen to think that sueing people for money to
> bolster their case against IBM while refusing to provide any evidence 
> at
> all for people to make up their own mind with even if you did want
> to settle your debts is fraud, send a fax.
> -scott

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