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Wed May 8 18:30:46 CDT 2002


We're looking for a few industrious O'Reilly customers to be our scouts
in local bookstores. Tim O'Reilly came up with idea, inspired by
Sherlock Holmes.  Here's Tim on why we're launching this endeavor, and
how he came up with the name "O'Reilly Irregulars":

"Sherlock Holmes has always been an idol of mine. His 'Baker Street
Irregulars' were a collection of street kids, hansom cab drivers, and
other elements of the London social environment who would help out
Holmes in tracking down people and facts that were invisible to
Scotland Yard and the police. It was an early (albeit fictional)
example of the power of a grassroots network.

"It's long been a dream of mine to organize a crew of O'Reilly
Irregulars to help us keep track of how our books are selling. There
are too many bookstores for our official sales reps to visit them all,
but it isn't beyond a network of customers who are willing to help us

What does it take to be an O'Reilly Irregular? If you join the crew,
you'll visit your local bookstore once a month, armed with a current
O'Reilly inventory list that we provide. You'll look through the
shelves and display tables, marking the number of each O'Reilly title
you see. Once the list is complete, you'll fax it back to us.

What do you get for your time and diligent counting? We'll send you two
free books of your choice every time you turn in your completed
inventory list.

Interested? Send email to irregulars at by May 17, 2002.
Please include:

* your name
* email address
* shipping address

We're starting with a limited group of stores, located mostly in medium
to large cities. When we hear from you, we'll look through our list of
stores, and if we need an Irregular in your area, we'll sign you up.

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