Reminder: Meeting 07/18/2002

Andrew Johnson lajandy at
Thu Jul 18 17:52:09 CDT 2002

--- Scott Walters <phaedrus at> wrote:
> Bring them! It'll be fun for the whole family!
> Seriously, I'm going to try to find a blank tape and record it on
> a crufty analog VHS-C tape. I wanna see how back I suck speaking.
> I really really hope Doug will give me a chance to do a v2 
> presentation.

Analog?!  eewww...

> Anyway, if you haven't RSVP'd, and there is any chance you
> might make it there, speak up now and say you MIGHT make it,
> otherwise you don't get a print out. The manual is too thick
> for me to print extra, so only people who have RSVP'd or 
> quasi-RSVI'd get one!

I'm coming.  But I just realized I hadn't RSVPed, so I am now.


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