Dan, Dan, Hes Our Man!

Scott Walters phaedrus at
Fri Jul 5 21:22:15 CDT 2002

Dan Sugalski's lecture (an earlier version of the one we got, or a smaller
version?) is on Doctor Dobbs Journal's TechNetCast, along with a panel
discussion feature him and Simon Cozens (author of B::Generate, among
other things). They have some other Perl related lectures up there as
well. You can download the entire lecture in MP3 format using HTTP.

I don't know about you, but I find RealMedia's proprietary format and
encrypted link very insulting. Having to fish out the tape recorder
from the closet to record a speech someone who releases their code
under GPL gave in public is somehow wrong. That being said, there
are often very neato things on DDJ TNC - well worth monitoring. 


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